Kid’s Guitar Lessons

Looking for Youth Guitar Lessons in Lancaster, PA?

Are you and your child at a loss for where to begin your guitar journey?

Is your child already playing but at a sticking point and doesn’t seem to be getting any better?

Does your child want to want to write and/or perform her own songs but lack the confidence or skills to get started?

Do you wish you could help your child practice but don’t know how to be effective?

Boost Your Child’s Reading and Math Scores By
Getting Them Playing Guitar TODAY!

There Are Real and Simple Solutions to These Problems!

End Guitar Frustration Before it Ever Begins!

Having the right guitar instructor for your child is crucial.

At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, your teacher will:

  • Train your child on how to practice effectively
  • Keep your son or daughter on track and focused by setting clearly defined guitar goals
  • Motivate your child by coaching him/her every step of the way
  • Build her confidence by setting your child up for success
  • Nurture creativity while building problem-solving skills!
  • Teach your child life-long skills all while having fun

Your Child Will Be A Better Guitar Player by the End of Every Lesson.
Every Time.

Your child will have professional and skilled training while learning how to play and write songs, strum chords, play guitar solos, and play with other musicians in a fun and enriching environment!

Their guitars may be smaller, but the kid’s guitar lessons at Quarter Bend Guitar Studio get BIG results! As a team the teacher, parent, and child will ensure that your son or daughter is making progress.

Learning guitar doesn’t have to be hard! All anyone needs is someone to motivate them in a way that supports his/her unique style of learning. Be a part of Lancaster’s most in-demand guitar education experience!

What Are Real Students Saying About Quarter Bend Guitar Studio?

“Eric’s patience and unique style of teaching has sparked a new enthusiasm for music in only a few short weeks. [My son] is excited to come home after lessons and start practicing his new skills and looks forward to his next session.”

Brooke B

“By far the best guitar instructor Lancaster has to offer.”

Bob S

“Eric has exceptional musical knowledge and does a Great job and getting the student to relate to the material, making it fast and fun to learn.”

Adam C

“I’m very pleased with Eric and the way he teaches guitar and music. He even takes my own personal learning challenges into consideration and knows how to work with them.”

Kathy H

Why Should Your Child Take Guitar Lessons at Quarter Bend Guitar Studio?
As Lancaster’s top-rated guitar instructor, you know your are getting an experienced teacher that has helped kids of all learning styles not only overcome their obstacles but:

  • Learn to write their own songs
  • Learn the guitar faster
  • Play their guitar at school for their entire class
  • Record their own music
  • Perform holiday songs for the whole family
  • Play their favorite songs on guitar
  • Have more fun
  • Play Grandma’s favorite song for her on her birthday
  • Play songs with their new guitar friends
  • Perform the Star Spangled Banner on guitar at the family picnic
  • Strum along at church
  • Go from ABSOLUTE beginner to applying to music schools in ONE YEAR of guitar lessons
  • So much more!
The Added Benefits Are Many!
At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, your child will learn skills that will last a lifetime! In this unique learning environment, you child will not only learn about music but (s)he will also learn:

  • Patience
  • Self Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Delayed Gratification
  • Timing and Rhythm
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Pattern and Sequence Recognition
  • Communication Skills
  • And so much more!

Whether your child is outgoing and social OR introspective and shy, they will find a friendly and warm environment where they be themselves!

Some children are naturally boisterous and clearly love the spotlight. Teaching them a skill that helps them stand out even further can really bring their personality to the forefront!

Other children gravitate towards solitary activities and prefer to master a skill on their own. Many great musicians are naturally shy and prefer the solitude of the practice room. Let’s make sure that practice time is being maximized by making sure your child is enrolled in a guitar program that teaches them HOW to practice!

Whether you are looking for kid’s guitar lessons, are an adult guitar student looking for a refresher, are an aspiring professional, or are just looking to relieve stress, there is something here for guitarists of all ages and all skill levels!

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