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Are you looking for the very best Guitar Lessons in Lancaster, PA? Then you are in the right place! Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is serving Lititz, Lancaster, and Manheim Township Pennsylvania and is dedicated to providing exciting and highly effective guitar learning experiences!

Are You:

  • Tired of spending hours of trying to teach yourself guitar only to find few results?
  • New to or thinking of playing guitar but don’t know where to start?
  • Overwhelmed with endless online guitar lesson resources?
  • Frustrated that your guitar playing isn’t reliable or consistent?
  • Feeling like you’re not getting better despite your best efforts?
  • Envious of others that just seem to be more creative than you?
  • Lacking confidence in your ability to play guitar consistently and reliably?
  • Struggling to find ways to fit meaningful practice time into your busy schedule?

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Lancaster PA and you said YES! to any of the above, then read on! You are not alone! I have helped countless guitar players, just like you, overcome these obstacles. With over 25 years of guitar experience and formal education AND 15+ years experience teaching guitar, I have put together bullet-proof programs that will obliterate all of the obstacles standing in your way! Many students struggle with eliminating bad habits that developed from being self-taught or YouTube students. Don’t waste another minute of your practice time playing the wrong way! These programs are designed to not only teach you the reasons why your favorite songs sound good, but build your confidence and the ability to play the way the you want!

You Will Be A BETTER Guitar Player By the Time You Leave. Every Time!

Our students are getting real results and seeing real progress at every lesson! Are you ready to do the same?

The unique learning environment allows room for guitarists of all skill levels and interests to thrive!

My lack of knowledge and my lack of technique were holding me back. I was struggling with having more flexibility on the guitar. I felt that Eric definitely helped me gain more confidence, flexibility and ability to communicate my ideas with other musicians. … I found Eric to really help me relax, focus and gain traction in the direction I wanted to go…. I feel so much more confident now!

Gaetana B

I’m very pleased with Eric and the way he teaches guitar and music. He even takes my own personal learning challenges into consideration and knows how to work with them.

Kathy H

Don’t Spend Another Minute Memorizing Bad Habits, Choose the Path that Gets Real Results, Real Quick, At Every Lesson!

My students have found that playing the guitar was only difficult when they attempted to learn on their own. Without proper guidance, these students were forcing their way through repetition after repetition of poor technique and without understanding what they are doing. By finding a teacher that understands your struggles and how to overcome these problems them is the single most important thing you can do in this very moment.

We all know that sometimes learning a new skill can be frustrating. Unfortunately this negativity often expands until students stop practicing or give up the instrument altogether. This doesn’t have to be you! We can work together to keep you motivated and get you playing the kind of music you love! 

We all know the internet has seemingly endless information on how to play guitar. This is only makes the problem worse! Why waste countless hours watching other people play guitar?  What happens when YouTube gives you bad advice? Many students wind up even more confused than they started because they’ve been given 4 different perspectives on how to hold their pick, or how to sweep pick, or how to switch between chords.

The unique learning environment allows room for guitarists of all skill levels and interests to thrive!

Take control of your playing and start getting better now.

Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is a guitar learning environment that:
  • Is designed to get nearly anyone playing guitar to your fullest potential quickly!
  • Offers a world-class guitar training program that focuses on your goals!
  • Will teach you how to master the lead and rhythm guitar aspects you need so that you can play anything you want!

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what real students are saying about Quarter Bend Guitar Studio:

Eric is an awesome teacher. Learned more in 3 lesson than I thought I would… Being able to play guitar has been on my bucket list and I am doing it. So glad I found him!

Stacey W

After two weeks… Eric has taught me that I can compose! He knows just what to focus me on, and I move ahead with every lesson.

Rebecca W

My son had approximately six months of guitar experience when he started working with Eric at Quarter Bend Guitar Studio. Eric’s patience and unique style of teaching has sparked a new enthusiasm for music in only a few short weeks. He is excited to come home after lessons and start practicing his new skills and looks forward to his next session. I highly recommend talking with Eric if you are looking for a musician.

Brooke B

You, Too, Can Get Results the Results You Want TODAY by Choosing the Best Instructor for YOUR Needs

What are the students doing?


Many students incorrectly diagnose their own mistakes as:

  • Lack of practice time
  • Lack of creativity
  • Inability to achieve what another family member has achieved on guitar
  • Having hands that are too big
  • Being tone-deaf
  • No sense of rhythm
  • Being too old
  • Other nonsense

Together we will:

  • Create a path to guitar success!
  • Eradicate all obstacles!
  • Unlock your creative potential!
  • Construct a unique guitar lesson plan that focuses on YOUR goals!
  • Build your confidence beyond what you thought possible!
  • All while having fun and making the music you love!

I’ve been teaching guitar for a long time and I have seen all types of people come into my studio. I have yet to meet someone that lacks the potential
to be a great guitar player. All you need is someone to to guide you in the right direction.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your success?

I’m ready to take the next step!

“Eric is amazing!! So glad we found him! Honest feedback, patient, and my son gets excited to go each week. 5 Stars here!”

Jennifer K

“I knew nothing about music except that I loved listening to it since I can remember, Upon my retirement from education and at the encouragement of my 7 year old grandson who was taking guitar lessons, I also began guitar lessons with Eric. In the few months that I have been his student, Eric has demonstrated his superior knowledge of music, outstanding ability to teach using a variety of methods as well as much patience. I highly recommend Eric as a teacher to anyone wanting to learn about music and how to play guitar.”

Bruce P

Finding the best guitar lessons and guitar teacher to help you meet your unique needs is one of the most crucial parts of learning to play guitar. At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio in Lancaster, you will find:

  • A guitar instructor that understands your goals and cares about your success
  • A guitar teacher that is able to get you to achieve those goals in the shortest time possible
  • A music coach that will guide you through the fundamentals with ease
  • An experienced guitar trainer that is able to motivate students to work through even the most complex concepts
  • A flexible mentor that can teach a wide range of guitar skills across multiple lesson formats
  • Unique performance opportunities that allow you to grow to your fullest potential
  • Constant support from your guitar teacher and other students beyond just your scheduled time
  • A guitar community invested in YOUR growth as a guitarist
  • Specialized guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate, or advanced ADULTS
  • Guitar lesson programs for children and teens
  • Access to your guitar teacher BETWEEN your guitar lessons
  • The largest variety of guitar lessons in Lancaster, PA
  • The best guitar teacher in Lancaster! (Don’t take my word for it, look here

Why Should I Take Guitar Lessons at Quarter Bend?

At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, it is my commitment to each of my students that I not simply put an electric guitar or acoustic guitar in your hands once a week. As your guitar coach and mentor, I will help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be!

Your teacher will spend as much time showing you how to master the guitar as you are willing to invest.

You will learn research-based practice methods that are used by the top guitar experts.

Instead of being taught how to correct mistakes, you will be coached on how to PREVENT them.

Above all , you will have an experienced guitar teacher that has not only help many others solve the very problems you are currently experiencing, but gotten them far beyond to points where there are:

  • Writing their own songs\
  • Sweep picking arpeggios cleanly
  • Creating their  own arrangements of popular songs
  • Writing and recording their own music
  • Touring in bands
  • Going from ABSOLUTE beginners to applying to prestigious music schools IN ONE YEAR

What will YOU achieve this year? Let’s work together to reach your maximum potential!

“Eric has exceptional musical knowledge and does a great job and getting the student to relate to the material, making it fast and fun to learn.”

Adam C

“I am a bedroom player of 20+ years. From the first lesson, Eric put me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!) and gave me much to think about and practice. He has a personable manner that allows him to easily convey his broad range of guitar knowledge to the student. A+”

Tony D

Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Path To Guitar Greatness Today?

Just a small sample of guitar services offered:

  • Adult Guitar Lessons for Beginners
  • Guitar Lessons for Kids (ages 7+)
  • Fundamentals of Rhythm Guitar Playing for Acoustic and Electric players
  • Elements of Lead Guitar playing
  • Advanced Skills (including how to sweep pick)
  • How to Improvise on Guitar
  • Fingerstyle Guitar

Don’t waste another hour on YouTube watching someone else be a guitar master. Become that master yourself!

Transform Your Guitar Skills and Schedule Your FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson Today

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