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Are you looking for the very best
Guitar Lessons in Lancaster, PA?

Tired of spending hours of trying to teach yourself guitar only to find few results?
New to or thinking of playing guitar but don’t know where to start?
Overwhelmed with endless online guitar lesson resources?
Frustrated that your guitar playing isn’t reliable or consistent?
Feeling like you’re not getting better despite your best efforts?
Envious of others that just seem to be more creative than you?
Lacking confidence in your
ability to play guitar consistently and reliably?
Struggling to find ways to fit meaningful practice time into your busy schedule?
Or is it anything that is
bothering you or stopping you from learning guitar?

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Lancaster PA and you said YES! to any of the above, then read on!

You are not alone! We have helped countless guitar players, just like you, overcome these obstacles. With over 30 years of guitar experience and formal education AND 20+ years experience teaching guitar, we have put together bullet-proof programs that will obliterate all of the obstacles standing in your way!

Many students struggle with eliminating bad habits that developed from being self-taught or YouTube students. Don’t waste another minute of your practice time playing the wrong way!

These programs are designed to not only teach you the reasons why your favorite songs sound good, but build your confidence and the ability to play the way the you want!

Our students are seeing
real results and making real
progress in every lesson! Are
you ready to do the same?

Our one-of-a-kind learning environment ensures that guitarists of all skill levels and interests can thrive!

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Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is a
guitar learning environment that:

  • Is designed to get nearly anyone playing guitar to their fullest potential quickly!
  • Offers a world-class guitar training program that focuses on your goals!
  • Will teach you how to master the lead and rhythm guitar aspects you need so that you can play anything you want!
  • Help you set and achieve goals that are meaningful to YOU!!!

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Sound too good to be true?

Here’s what real students are saying
about Quarter Bend Guitar Studio:

You, Too, Can Get Results the Results You Want TODAY by Choosing the Best Instructor for YOUR Needs

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Students of Quarter Bend Guitar Studio learn to integrate their musical skills with other players!

Our environment is more friendly. Our teachers are cooperative and fun to learn from.

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Many students incorrectly diagnose their own mistakes as:

  • Lack of practice time
  • Lack of creativity
  • Inability to achieve what another family member has achieved on guitar
  • Having hand that are too small
  • Having hands that are too big Being tone-deaf
  • No sense of rhythm
  • Being too old
  • Other nonsense

I’ve been teaching guitar for a long time and I have seen all types of people come into my studio. I have yet to meet someone that lacks the potential to be a great guitar player. All you need is someone to to guide you in the right direction.

Together we will:

  • Create a path to guitar success!
  • Eradicate all obstacles!
  • Unlock your creative potential!
  • Construct a unique guitar lesson plan that focuses on YOUR goals!
  • Build your confidence beyond what you thought possible!
  • All while having fun and making the music you love!

Are you ready to take the next step toward your success?

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Student Spotlight

Why Should I Take Guitar Lessons at Quarter Bend?

At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, it is my commitment to each of my students that I not simply put an electric guitar or acoustic guitar in your hands once a week. As your guitar coach and mentor, I will help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be! Your teacher will spend as much time showing you how to master the guitar as you are willing to invest. You will learn research-based practice methods that are used by the top guitar experts. Instead of being taught how to correct mistakes, you will be coached on how to PREVENT them.

Don’t waste another hour on YouTube watching
someone else be a guitar master.

Become that master yourself!

Let’s start your amazing future now!

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