Guitar Lessons in Lancaster, PA

Get the Best and Most Diverse Guitar Lessons in Lancaster, PA
Tired of spending hours of trying to teach yourself guitar only to find few results?  Overwhelmed with endless online guitar lesson resources?

Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is a guitar learning environment that:

  • Is designed to get you playing guitar to your fullest potential quicker than you thought possible!
  • Offers a world-class guitar training program that focuses on your goals!
  • Will teach you how to master the lead and rhythm guitar aspects you need so that you can play anything you want!

You Can Get Results the Results You Want TODAY by Choosing the Best Instructor for YOUR Needs

Guitar Teacher Teaching Student

All skill levels and age groups are accepted!

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Finding the best guitar teacher to help you meet your unique needs is one of the most crucial parts of learning to play guitar.  At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio in Lancaster, you will find:

  • A guitar instructor that understands your goals and cares about your success
  • A guitar teacher that is able to get you to achieve those goals in the shortest time possible
  • A music coach that will guide you through the fundamentals with ease
  • An experienced guitar trainer that is able to motivate students to work through even the most complex concepts
  • A flexible mentor that can teach a wide range of guitar skills across multiple lesson formats
  • Unique performance opportunities that allow you to grow to your fullest potential
  • Constant support from your guitar teacher and other students beyond just your scheduled time
  • A guitar community invested in YOUR growth as a guitarist
  • Specialized guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate, or advanced ADULTS
  • Guitar programs for children and teens
  • Access to your guitar teacher BETWEEN your guitar lessons
  • The largest variety of guitar lessons in Lancaster, PA
  • The best guitar teacher in Lancaster! (Don’t take my word for it, look here)


At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, it is my commitment to each of my students that I not simply put an electric guitar or acoustic guitar in your hands once a week. As your guitar coach and mentor, I will help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be!

Your teacher will spend as much time showing you how to master the guitar as you are willing to invest.

You will learn research-based practice methods that are used by the top guitar experts.

Instead of being taught how to correct mistakes, you will be coached on how to PREVENT them.


Let’s Get Started on Your Guitar Transformation Today!

Just a small sample of guitar services offered:

  • Adult Guitar Lessons for Beginners
  • Guitar Lessons for Kids (ages 7+)
  • Fundamentals of Rhythm Guitar Playing for Acoustic and Electric players
  • Elements of Lead Guitar playing
  • Advanced Skills (including how to sweep pick)
  • How to Improvise on Guitar
  • Classical / Fingerstyle Guitar

Don’t waste another hour on YouTube watching someone else be a guitar-beast. Become that beast yourself!
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