Backing Tracks

For Your Jamming Pleasure:

February Chord Progression of the Month

This progression is Am, C, G, D7. The song we played together was “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. To play along with the actual song, you will need to Capo 2.

Here’s the speed we did together AmCGD7at70

Here it is a bit faster AmCGD7at100

Here it is a little faster than the Imagine Dragons version. If you can do it here, ya got it mastered! AmCGD7at155


As Discussed in Lead Guitar January ’18

The Progression we decided to use was G G Em C C D

Backing track level 1.mp3

Level 1 – 60 BPM 2 Measures Per Chord.m4a

Backing track level 2.mp3

Level 2 – 60 BPM 1 Measure Per Chord.m4a

Backing track level 3.mp3

Level 3 – 100 BPM 1 Measure Per Chord.m4a


Pop Song For January/ February Project

G-Em-C-D Pop in m4a format

G-Em-C-D Pop in mp3 format


Blues Tracks

Am 12 Bar Blues Backing – Improv Practice over I I I I IV IV I I V IV I I

Am Call and Response – On the “space” between phrases, use the A Minor Pentatonic Scale,  and practice 1. Mimicking what you hear as closely as possible then 2. Responding with a completely different idea