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Are You Trying To Diagnose And Solve Your Guitar Problems On Your Own?

Many students immediately search YouTube or various other web ‘authorities’ looking for the fastest way to get good at guitar. The trouble is that these students wind up incorrectly diagnosing their problem, looking up online solutions that are far too advanced *or sometimes flat-out wrong), and they wind up doing things out of order and have HUGE gaps in their playing. This cycle results in countless practice hours wasted on the wrong material at the wrong time.

There Are Real Solutions To Your Problems…

Most players feel stuck in their guitar playing at some point. Many students first come to me feeling that way, too. In the 15 years I’ve been teaching, I’ve found that the majority of students’ errors were put there simply because the student didn’t understand how to practice effectively or how to select the right ‘stuff’ to practice. By simply retraining students on how to approach the guitar, I have helped hundreds of students in Lancaster overcome their playing barriers.


Studying and training under a experienced, professional guitar teacher is the best way to get the results that you are looking for. Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is the only guitar lesson facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that is focused on YOUR results and successes. By enrolling in the guitar programs here, Quarter Bend Guitar Studio students have gone from frustrated players to finding success as:


    • fulfilled strummers and hobbyists,


    • confident local open-mic players,


    • passionate church worship leaders,


    • fun-loving bedroom songwriters,


    • creative home recording musicians,


    • professional touring musicians,


    • well-prepared students in local music programs (Millersville University),


    • and even students at prestigious music schools (Berklee College of Music)


Regardless of what you want to achieve on guitar, you will be put on a path of success! Don’t waste another day of your valuable practice time letting unfocused practice limit your potential… Let’s make sure you have the right information that makes sense for your goals!

At Quarter Bend Guitar Studio, you will receive expert instruction and training so that you can:

Pick up your guitar and play it with confidence

Learn effective practice strategies to get more done in less time

Be excited to play your instrument and make measurable process every time you play

Get training how to play with correct technique to avoid future guitar plateaus

Have ongoing coaching to stop mistakes before they happen


Let Trained Professionals Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level!

You’ve already tried the alternatives and most likely already know…

  • YouTube can’t diagnose the root of your playing problems
  • Books can’t answer your questions
  • Free websites can’t hear your playing
  • Friends/relatives that are great players don’t always make great teachers
  • Unless you ask the internet the right question, you will never find the right answer. The very nature of the self-taught player makes it impossible to ask the right questions… because they don’t know what they don’t know!

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    What are real students saying about Quarter Bend Guitar Studio?

    “Eric has exceptional musical knowledge and does a great job and getting the student to relate to the material, making it fast and fun to learn.”  -Adam C., Jams with friends

    “My lack of knowledge and my lack of technique were holding me back. I was struggling with having more flexibility on the guitar. I felt that Eric definitely helped me gain more confidence, flexibility and ability to communicate my ideas with other musicians. … I found Eric to really help me relax, focus and gain traction in the direction I wanted to go…. I feel so much more confident now!”  -Gaetana B., Professional Touring Musician

    “I am a bedroom player of 20+ years. From the first lesson, Eric put me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!) and gave me much to think about and practice. He has a personable manner that allows him to easily convey his broad range of guitar knowledge to the student. ”  -Tony D., hobbyist

    Eric is an excellent guitarist and, more importantly, an excellent teacher. He does a good job of managing the lessons without overwhelming the student.” -Justin T., songwriter

    Eric is a great teacher very helpful. Wants you to become a good guitarist. I think that what makes him different.” -Matthew D., long-time player


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