Welcome Students!

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Student Practice Logs

Blank Guitar TAB Paper

Blank Chord Charts
(Great for mapping out a single guitar song)

BLANK Chord Progression Chart
(Perfect for writing your own songs on guitar)

Backing Tracks


Camp Fire Strum Along Repertoire and Practice

Eric’s Intro to Guitar Scales
(perfect for laying a musical foundation!)

Your First Audio Guitar Lesson

Welcome to your guitar mastery! If you’re as excited as I am to get started, grab your guitar and take a listen to this audio lesson. Set aside roughly 25 minutes for your first listen-through.

Protected: Fretboard Mapping

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Guitar Training 1

Guitar Training 1 This is as simple as it gets! Download the file. Set aside roughly 35 minutes. Get out a song, lick,  chord progression, or exercise that you’d like to master. Grab your guitar. Tune up. And get WAY better in 35 minutes!!!     MVP Students ONLY!!

Call And Response Lesson

Protected: Black Hole Sun

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.