Eric Dieter

Eric Dieter Lancaster's Guitar Teacher

About the Guitar Teacher

Eric Dieter has been teaching guitar in Lancaster, PA since 2003 through various institutions such as Millersville and Menchey Music. He has studied music at Millersville University and Berklee College of Music. As a recording artist, he has experience with international record producers as well as home recording. He has consulted with numerous recording artists across the world. As a performer, he is in an actively touring band as well as a session musician for recordings and studio work. Through these experiences, Eric can offer his students insight on how to successfully work with other musicians in the band environment, construct interesting and dynamic songs, and navigate the music business.

In addition his music education, Eric has a degree in psychology as well as other behavioral health certifications.. For nearly 10 years served Lancaster County’s community as Clinical Director of a behavioral health facility. His unique background in the science of human behavior and subconscious learning gives him a unique approach to musical instruction. With training in Client Centered Behavior Modification, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistics Programming, Learning and Motivation, each student will receive highly personalized and evidence-based approaches to the learning process.