Performance Class

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Program Guidelines



  • Please return paperwork by 8/23/19
  • Your audition will be scheduled AFTER your paperwork is received
  • Auditions may be done in-person or via video chat or Skype

Program Overview And Guidelines

  • Introduction
  • Just Give Me the Gist
  • Membership
  • Requirements
  • Membership Dues
  • Code of Conduct
  • FAQ
  • Audition Info
  • Enrollment Form

Program Guidlines


This is a separateprogram designed to help guitar students of all skill levels and ages:

  • Get even more motivated to practice
  • Play songs with other musicians
  • Build confidence in their playing and performing
  • Learn to work as part of creative team
  • Build leadership skills
  • Have an outlet to write/compose/arrange for more than one instrument
  • Experiment with bass guitar, *percussion, and vocals
  • Learn how to be successful in an ensemble/band setting
  • Learn how to be entertaining on stage
  • Gracefully recover from mistakes

Just Give Me the Gist

This is a program that is separate from your lessons. You may choose to leave this program at any time, just give us 30 day’s notice. No hard feelings, please continue in your lessons. We still want you here as a student even if your priorities change.

  • If you want to become a member you will need to do a very short, informal audition.
  • You should attend a minimum of 2 rehearsals per month, but you may attend up to 4.
  • Wednesday night open mics will be an optional part of our training.
  • You will have the opportunity to perform with the large group as well as break off into smaller “teams.”
  • As time goes on, you can join several small teams and play different roles in each team. For example, you may be playing single notes for the large ensemble piece, you may play bass guitar in a team where Chris sings, and you may form your own team where you write a song for you and another player to perform.
  • The membership fee is currently $50 per month.
  • We are going to meet Mondays at 5:30 at the studio for an hour.
  • There is no rehearsal on the 5th Monday of the month.
  • We will book outside gigs such as Music Friday and First Friday downtown, retirement communities, special events, non-profit events, parties, etc.
  • Your teachers will select the large group pieces. Smaller teams will have a large say in what they play, though instructors have the final say.
  • Abide by the code of conduct when at a gig (be nice, look pro) · Your responsibility level will increase as you grow (book the gigs, set up the speakers, etc.)
  • There is a minimum number of students that we need to start, so we may do a waitlist

Membership Requirements All Members must

  • Complete and pass an audition.
  • Participate in a minimum of 1 Large Group and 1 Small Group song.
  •  Prepare and practice prior to Thursday rehearsal.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 rehearsals per month.
  • Attend at least 1 performance per season
  • Provide 2 weeks notice for absence from a scheduled performance

Membership Dues

  • Active students may participate in this program for $50 per month.
  • Non-students will pay $100 per month.
  • Payments will be made through an ACH debit on the 23rdof the month.
  • Active students may use the bank account already on file.
  • The first month’s tuition will be due prior to the audition and may refunded if the student does not pass the audition.
  • No refunds will be offered for any other reason.
  • If you wish to withdrawal from the program, you must do so by submitting a written notice on the first day of the month no less than 30 days in advance. This will allow for the group to make appropriate adjustments for the loss of a team member.

Code of Conduct

All members of the Quarter Bend Performance Group agree to carry themselves in a professional manner. All members will wear pre-approved attire to performances (all black is always safe). When you are in uniform, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner that is congruent with QB values:

  • Refrain from use of profanity
  • Refrain from consumption of alcohol
  • Refrain from the use of tobacco and other nicotine products · Refrain from speaking negatively of other musicians- whether member or non-member
  • Refrain from outward displays of political divisiveness
  • Refrain from holding oneself to the impossible standard of perfection
  • Remember that when you are a performer, you are role model – Commit to being your best self
  • Encourage each other
  • Always be kind and courteous to audience
  • Have fun and help each other out
  • Fulfill any “Gig Duties” you may have been assigned


Q: This looks pretty serious. Is this right for hobbyists?

A: Skill level and overall life goals aren’t the deciding factor. Just your attitude! It is serious in that your level of commitment will directly impact the success of others. This is perfect for hobbyists who want assistance and the experience of being in a band without having to go through the hassle of starting one themselves and navigating all of the personalities and politics that inevitably follow.

Q: What kind of music will we play?

A: All kinds. To start we will do a mix of rock/pop/classical/instrumental.

Q: I have a ______(insert wacky instrument here), can we work that in?

A: Right now we will focus on stringed, fretted instruments.

Q: Can I play the drums?

A: Only if you already possess the ability. We shan’t be offering drum lessons and currently have no desire to do so.

Q: What skills do I need to prepare in advance?

A: Your instructors need to know you can:

  • keep basic time,
  • play back rhythms,
  • play notes in tune,
  • be able to cross strings accurately when playing single notes,
  • recognize basic chord symbols and charts (C, Em, etc),
  • read guitar TAB,
  • read basic rhythm notation,
  • play a very short snippet of a song, riff, or solo.

Q: I can do most of the above, what if I can’t do them all?

A: Do your best and try out anyway. Desire to improve, positive attitude, and willingness to take action will go far in this program.

Q: What if I blow the audition, can I try again?

A: Absolutely. Currently you may request a re-audition if you believe you had an off day. Afterward, you may re-audition once every 45 days.

Q: How scary is the audition?

A: Significantly less scary than your current lessons. It will be you and your teacher(s) in the room and you will be given plenty of time to prepare. As long as you prepare and practice, you have a high likelihood of passing the audition.

Q: Do I need to be able to play chords, or can I just play single note melodies (and vice versa)?

A: Nope! Each song will have several role requirements, including chords, melody, bassline, and solo. You will be assigned a role based on your current skillset.

Q: What happens if I can’t make my 3 rehearsals per month?

A: Things happen and sometimes life alters our plans. We understand this will happen from time to time. You will likely find that you are having a hard time keeping up and getting lost. If your lack of attendance impacts the overall success of the group, you may be asked to take a break (see below).

Q: Am I always guaranteed a spot?

A: No. While we don’t plan on needing to do this often, we can ask you to take a break from the class if we notice you aren’t able to practice AND this is negatively impacting the rest of the group.

Q: What if I need to take a break?

A: No problem! It will not impact your lesson status or our opinion of you. Just apply to re-audition when your situation changes.

Q: Can a friend enroll in this, too?

A: Yes. Non-students are eligible though will have a different membership rate. Any interested party should attend a rehearsal then apply for membership through the application process.

Q: There are 5 Thursdays this month. What happens now?

A: Take a well-deserved break. Visit your family. Read a book. Go for a jog. Take a nap. Bake your teachers some delicious cookies.

Minimum Audition Requirements:

  • Play the following chords in any order, with a metronome, 4 counts per chord, 75 BPM -G, C, D, Em, Am, F
  • Play any scale of your choosing UP and DOWN in time with a metronome, one note per click 60 BPM (major, minor, pentatonic)
  • Prepare at least 30 seconds of a song or exercise
  • Identify at least one of every note letter on any string (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)
  • Clap back a rhythm you hear
  • Play a short piece presented to you in the audition Auditions May Be Done In Person OR Via Video Chat