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Comparative pricing is always a good idea. However, choosing a guitar teacher based solely on price is not advisable. Bear in mind, no other teacher in Lancaster is offering the unique programs or lesson structure that Quarter Bend is offering. Because QBGS is a heavily focused on getting you results quickly and in a unique way, you can not compare traditional guitar lessons to Quarter Bend’s programs. Prospective students are encouraged to contact me to discuss rates and assess individual student needs and goals.

Students that enroll in private lessons will have a lesson on the same day and time every week unless other arrangements are made with the instructor. Students enrolled in group lessons may have the option to attend different courses each week depending on the lesson package purchased.

Tuition is a flat monthly rate regardless of how many lessons, whether 1:1 or group, are received that month. Tuition is due at the by the 23rd of the preceding month. Ongoing late payments may result in termination from the program. No lessons will be given without prepayment. Ensemble opportunities are available to students that choose to audition and is included in monthly tuition. Quarter Bend Guitar Studio does not offer refunds of any kind and charges a $25 returned check fee.

Students have the option to choose from a large number of group courses that vary by age, skill level, and area of interest. Traditional one on one lessons are offered, but are done so on a limited first-come-first-served basis

workCancellation Policy

Students may be able to attend a makeup lesson in accordance with the  package purchased. Accelerated, Overdrive, and Mastery programs allow students 7 days to make up lessons, as long as they provide appropriate notice to the teacher.
With 30 advanced days notice, a student may make up lessons within the same calendar month to account for vacations, travel, holidays, etc.
No lesson package allows a missed lesson to carry over to the next calendar month.
QBGS reserves the right to deny a makeup lesson for any reason.
Inclement Weather and Holidays
In the event of inclement weather, your teacher may send you an individualized correspondence lesson to review and master, ask you to submit a video for critique, OR offer a make-up group lesson. These will be done at the teacher’s discretion. Holidays are included in the cost of tuition. Please note that the studio is closes at the end of the calendar year, beginning December 24th and reopens on January 2nd.
Teacher Cancellations
As a gigging and touring musician, your instructor may need to alter schedules from time to time. Students may be notified 30 days in advance whenever possible and will be given alternatives such as make-up groups, additional correspondence lesson content, skype/video lessons, etc. In the event of teacher illness, lessons will be cancelled out of respect for student health, and the above options will apply.

Lesson Swapping
With advanced notice, a student may send a friend or family member to their one-on-one lesson if the student is ill or out of town.

New student’s first month’s tuition may be prorated. No other circumstances exist that entitle a pro-rate in tuition.

work Withdrawal

If the student wishes to withdraw from lessons at any point, then the student must provide notice by requesting, completing, signing, and returning a Withdrawal Form on or before the 15th day of the preceding month. Please note that incomplete paperwork

Any withdrawal request made after the 15th day of the preceding month will still be charged for the entire next month. If the student does not wish to attend during this time, the student is still required to pay for these lessons.

work Methods of Payment

Quarter Bend prefers ACH Direct Debit due to it’s convenience and flexibility.
All other conventional payment types are accepted as well: Cash, Check, Paypal, Visa, and MasterCard. Additional fees may apply for credit card processing.