Mark Mara

Mark Mara has been teaching and performing guitar in Lancaster, PA for over 10 years. His formal background includes music education and classical guitar through Millersville University and music theory at Temple University. Independent studies include a focus on
jazz theory and classical guitar, and he specializes in electric and fingerstyle guitar.

His diverse knowledge of the music industry allows him to guide musicians with many interests and goals, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

Mark has experience in all fields of the music industry including:

  • live performance (solo and ensemble work)
  • composing and arranging pieces
  • session work
  • production
  • live sound
Some of his recent and ongoing projects include:

  • Jazz Trio, Belle Cielo
  • Featured on four studio albums
  • Composing for A.V. Knights
  • ¬†Solo Classical/Jazz Performance