A REAL Sample Lesson

Prospective students often want to know what actually goes on in a lesson. While the format of this lesson isn’t common (video from student, feedback from me), the student’s progress and feedback are REAL.


Here is an ORIGINAL composition from this young student.

This student was given the following feedback on his video assignment:

“This is great! The smile at the end of the video is priceless!

There are 2 main things I want you to focus on:

1. This song specifically
– Hold the pick a little tighter, I can see it’s tipping towards the floor
and giving an overall weaker sound to the notes .
-The moment you hit the second note of each phrase (the open B
string) you MUST see in your head where the next note is. It looks
like you started off this way, but there was a delay in your hands
at the start of second section of the song. Make sure your brain is
ahead of your pick!

2. Variation
– In the last lesson we talked about different rhythms. I’d like you to
try a new rhythm for this song. You are currently playing:
Quarter, Quarter, Half in this song. What other rhythms can you
– Building on the above, add MORE notes. They don’t have to be
NEW notes, you could hit the same ones more than once BEFORE
moving your index finger to the next chord. I’ve attached a TAB
and audio file example of what I’m talking about.”

sample guitar lesson material