work Online Privacy Statement

work Tuition

Tuition is a flat monthly rate regardless of how many lessons are received that month. Quarter Bend Guitar Studio requires the use of ACH Direct Debit.

  • Tuition due on or before the 23rd of the preceding month.
  • No lessons will be given without prepayment.
  • Aside from the initial month, no lessons will be prorated.
  • Ongoing missed payments will result in termination from the program.
  • Quarter Bend Guitar Studio does not offer refunds of any kind for any reason.
  • There is a $25 NSF fee. Any rejected transaction will be automatically reprocessed up to 3 times and each re-processing will include this fee. If this third transaction is rejected, you will need to speak with Eric via phone in order to avoid an interruption in your lessons.
  • Please do not discuss your tuition rates with other students.

workWithdrawal, Hold, and Termination

While we hope to work with you for years to come, from time to time students need to pause or stop lessons. It is highly recommended that you request a meeting with your teacher prior to withdrawal, though it is not required.

  • If you have concerns about your ability to continue in lessons, please call or email Eric Dieter. Do not discuss your desire to withdrawal or pause during your regular lesson time or in the presence of other students for any reason. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination from the program.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw from lessons at any point, then the student must provide notice by requesting, completing, and returning Withdrawal Form on or before the 15th day of the preceding month. Tuition will continue to be due until this form is completed and returned.
  • If a student wishes to pause tuition, then the student must provide notice by requesting, completing, and returning Hold Form on or before the 15th day of the preceding month. This form will have an expiration date and payments will resume on the agreed upon date unless a Withdrawal Form is completed in the interim.
  • Any withdrawal or hold request made after the 15th day of the preceding month will still be charged for the entire next month. If the student does not wish to attend during this time, the student is still required to pay for these lessons.
  • If a student or parent of a student violates any studio policy, Quarter Bend Guitar Studio reserves the right to terminate the student without notice.

work Missed Lessons

Make-up lessons are offered as a courtesy whenever possible to allow for your busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule. While Quarter Bend Guitar Studio will do its best to accommodate you, is not obligated to provide a make-up lesson under any circumstance. Below are some common guidelines:


If a student is sick or unable to attend the usual timeslot, you have until the end of the week to make up that session, so long as you have communicated with your teacher via email or phone on the same day as the lesson. Arrangements for planned absences can be made with advanced notice (10 days),but are offered at the teacher’s discretion. Unused lessons do not carry over from month to month for any reason.

Inclement Weather

In the event of holidays and inclement weather, your teacher may send you an individualized correspondence lesson to review and master, ask you to submit a video for critique, OR offer a make-up group lesson. These will be done at the teacher’s discretion. If you choose to attend lessons during inclement weather, you assume responsibility for any accident or injury that may occur on the property as a result of that weather.

Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is closed for the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • *Dec 24th through Jan 1st

If your usual lesson day/time is disrupted by Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving, you may make the lesson up so long as you have made arrangements at least 10 days in advance.

*The studio closes between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This closing is factored into the cost of tuition.

   Teacher Cancellations
As a gigging and touring musicians, your instructors may need to alter schedules from time to time. Students will be notified 30 days in advance whenever possible and you may be given alternatives such as make-up groups, substitute teachers, additional correspondence lesson content, skype/video lessons, etc. In the event of teacher illness, lessons will be cancelled out of respect for student health. Lesson cancellations will be done via email, so know that opting out of emails from quarterbend.com may result in an inconvenience for you.

   Lesson Swapping
With advanced notice (10 days), a student may send a friend or family member to their one-on-one lesson if the student is ill or out of town.

work Property

While Quarter Bend Guitar Studio is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any property that may occur during your visit.

  • It is recommended that you keep your vehicle doors locked and leave valuables at home.
  • Do not keep valuable items in your guitar case.
  • Keep valuables on your person or under your chair.

Students are responsible for any intentional or unintentional damage to property or equipment that they cause.

work Media Policy

QBGS reserves the rights to all media produced for promotional and educational purposes, even after lessons have been discontinued. This includes the following, but not limited to: testimonial videos, monthly progress videos, compositions, and photos. Sessions involving audio and possibly video may be recorded and distributed to other QBGS members for educational purposes. Students are free to post their own material in any way they see fit.

work Referral Bonus

Any student that refers another individual who enrolls in guitar lessons at Quarter Bend will receive a $25 cash!

work Updates and Amendments

From time to time, studio policies may change. In the event of a change in policy, the student will be notified via email prior to the new policy’s effective date. Once the policy has been changed, the website will be updated. In the event of a discrepancy in policy between this document and the online version, the online version will be upheld and honored. If you ever have questions, please contact Eric!