Studio Overview

So you’ve decided to take guitar lessons…

Because of its wide appeal and common use in popular music, learning the guitar is often approached with a casual attitude. Many believe they can teach themselves through various books and/or YouTube videos and are able to find moderate success. The limitations of this approach are too numerous to list. For the sake of brevity I will simply state that these materials often offer information that is either inappropriate for your skill level or just flat-out incorrect. The guitar is a wonderfully complicated and diverse instrument that will require much practice and education to master. The fact that you are taking the time to simply research guitar instruction already puts you at an advantage over the countless self-taught players. Why spend years fumbling through mistakes that could be corrected in just a few lessons?


The Fundamentals

All Quarter Bend Guitar Studio students will be coached and mentored on the following key areas:


Music is a language similar to English in American Science Fiction movies: Everyone seems to understand it on some level, but only a select few can speak it. Saying “I want to play guitar, but I don’t want to read music” is like saying “I want to be a carpenter, but I don’t want to use a tape measure.” You may be able to create some interesting pieces, but they will lack refinement. All of my students will develop basic competencies in understanding rhythm notation as well as notes on the guitar. The depth to which standard notation is learned will vary based upon each student’s learning plan and individual goals.


Most of us are familiar with the 3 basic learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Recent research indicates that while many people learn from all 3, a staggering amount of students learn best by doing and feeling (kinesthetic). Without immediate opportunities to apply what you’ve just learned, kinesthetic learners are out of luck. Videos and books are excellent supplements, but without immediate feedback students will not learn how to “feel” a technique properly and tend to develop bad habits and even long term injury.

Without practice, even the most productive lesson will not yield any substantial outcomes. Similarly, just because you played your instrument for 3 hours today, that doesn’t mean you were productive the entire time. My students are taught how to effectively manage their practice time and even how to practice without their instrument. Your money is important to you, so get the most out of it and practice between lessons!

Get out there and play! Students of Quarter Bend Guitar Studio will be encouraged to meet one another and given the opportunity to jam with one another. There is no substitute for life experience! Therefore students are given weekly opportunities to play with other students as well as recital experience. Remember, practicing alone in your bedroom is not the same as performing on stage for an audience!